Digital, Automated, Interconnected: Bertero Carpentaria unveils state-of-the-art CNC Work Centers and welcomes Industry 4.0.

Interconnection, computer numerical control machines, automation, digital: terms increasingly widespread in the industrial sector, especially when talking about Industry 4.0. At Bertero Carpentaria, we have also adopted advanced technological solutions to benefit from the advantages of the fourth industrial revolution.

What does Industry 4.0 mean?

1784 marked the birth of the first industrial revolution, thanks to the invention of the steam engine.

1870 saw the adoption of a production model based on electric energy.

With the emergence of computer science in 1970, we witnessed the third industrial revolution.

The fourth, or Industry 4.0, is still ongoing. It involves the adoption in companies of interconnected products and processes, thanks to the Internet of Things and new digital technologies.

What are the benefits? Improved human-machine interaction, increased automation of production processes, easier access to work monitoring data (analysis that allows continuous operational improvements)… The benefits of adopting the Industry 4.0 model are numerous and constantly evolving. Entrusting your projects to Bertero Carpentaria means fully exploiting the strengths of the production revolution that is sweeping the sector.


We have installed new machinery, CNC Control Centers (Numerical Control Production Centers): devices that allow full automation of specific operations through input provided by an electronic device. Leveraging the principles of Industry 4.0, CNCs facilitate operations, reduce production times, and guarantee the highest levels of quality.

Bertero Carpentaria can rely on CNC Control Centers from prestigious international brands.

CNC Work Centers - Bertero

Orient FICEP

Orient by FICEP represents the Automatic CNC line for drilling & band sawing of profiles.

A machine that guarantees high performance and total reliability, with the possibility of constant monitoring remotely to detect the health status of the device and intervene promptly for minor maintenance tasks.

A single CNC controls the combined operations of both the drilling machine and the sawing machine.

CNC Work Centers - Bertero

OMNIAtech Four-in-One

OMNIAtech is a jewel crafted by SOITAAB, a leader in the CNC industrial cutting machine sector for seventy years.

It represents the perfect synthesis of multifunctional and combined technologies for the processing of every type of sheet metal and plate.

We chose OMNIAtech to tackle complex projects with deep automation possibilities, thanks to a comprehensive series of sensors, tools, and clamping systems that allow us to achieve outstanding performance with optimal consumption.

Entrusting a project to Bertero Carpentaria also means being able to rely on technological solutions like this.

CNC Work Centers - Bertero

Rover K FT Biesse

In a company, space is everything. Optimally organizing the production line, storage, and production processes means gaining a crucial strategic advantage to ensure growth, better working conditions, and competitive production times.

Choosing Rover K FT by Biesse has proven essential in enhancing our daily operations. A compact CNC work center, the smallest on the market, it allows us full operation on HPL panels, wood, and derivatives. Flexible, straightforward, and easily integrable within the context of Industry 4.0: significant advantages that make Rover K FT a valuable ally in many projects.

Entrust us with your projects.

Choosing Bertero Carpenteria means being able to rely on a team of close-knit and competent experts, who are well-prepared and available. Production processes and machinery that leverage the benefits of Industry 4.0 demonstrate a constant focus on new technologies, an attention that results in time-saving even in complex projects.

We have full control over every aspect of the tasks we oversee. We can put our experience and skills at the service of your next project. Contact us for more information.