Nutkao S.r.l. - Bertero

Nutkao, an International Contract Manufacturer for the creation and production of creams and chocolates on behalf of third parties, commissioned Bertero Carpenteria, Arch. Maggiora, and Eng. Occhi Villavecchia to carry out significant steel works useful for warehouse functionality.

For the main headquarters of Nutkao Srl in Canove di Govone, we created a 240-meter long goods conveyor, serving the automatic warehouse.

Reticular metal structure with free spans up to 24 meters, supported on 8-meter high tube columns.

For the project design, we could count on the collaboration of Arch. Maggiora and Eng. Occhi Villavecchia.

Canove di Govone (Cn)
Designer Studio
Arch. Maggiora
Ing. Occhi Villavecchia