Private residence in Santo Stefano Roero (CN) - Bertero

Bertero Carpentry operates in both the public and private sectors, overseeing projects in the tertiary, industrial, and residential areas. We partnered with Arch. Porro on a private residence project in Santo Stefano Roero (CN).

Our versatility is one of the strengths of our firm. We don’t just focus on large projects but bring our know-how to individuals for residential projects. In collaboration with Arch. Porro, we managed the implementation of Jansen HI80 steel fixtures, stainless steel and wood railings, and interior furnishings. For the latter requirement, we crafted a table made of Cor-ten steel and glass.

Work completed at a private residence in the province of Cuneo, in Santo Stefano Roero.

S.Stefano Roero (Cn)
Design Studio
Arch. Porro